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lovely shibal

Anonymous: Hello! I'd like to recommend you my very first EXO fanfiction entitled Survival Days of Park Chanyeol. I submit it in here in hope that you are willingly to read it and give me your thoughts about it and I'd appreciate it if you will submit it in your fic rec. Thank you in advance ^^

Hi anon ! :)

Oh well… Except for Zodiac, I haven’t read fics in a while already, but I’ll read yours and I’ll leave some comments, if you really want me to :)
(about my fics rec… we’ll see ^^ I haven’t updated it in two years so I’m kinda lazy about that but if… idk… I fall in love with your fic like I did with Zodiac, I’ll write a post about it !)

chanyeol/baekhyun x warm bodies!au, requested by dessy.

chanyeol’s reactions to kris’ answers.

1-4-3 ♫