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i’m not saying that i have good tastes, okay. :b

⇒ Sehun/Tao.
  • Keep the streets empty for me (2, 3, 4) by kanintallrik.
    Rating: PG-13 (R for later chapters)
    Genre: gang!AU
    Warning: Violence. Profanities by the dozen. Creative characterization.
    Summary: Sehun and his friends’ peaceful life as kings of a few blocks in the outskirts of Seoul is turned upside down by the arrival of another gang with the same name. And one for all and all for one and all that, but what happens when Sehun goes one on one with one of the enemies?
  • Wild Eyes by leadernim.
    Pairing: Sehun/Tao
    Rating: NC-17
    Summary: HS AU - Sehun wants to be “bad” for his boyfriend.

⇒ Kris/Tao.
  • you wanted a hit by feixing.
    Rating: NC-17
    Warnings: mild piercing play.
    Summary: in which Zitao gets piercings (or really, just sex)
  • Kung Fu Koala by annaraffaella
    Rating: G
    Summary: Tao doesn’t like crowds so he gets touchy-feely. That’s basically it.
  • cashmere sweaters by canttakeabreath.
    Rating: NC-17
    Warning: Breathplay
    Summary: Porn. Yep that’s it.
  • A Play For Dominance by dustyfairy.
    Rating: R
    Summary: It was a play of dominance whenever they were together…

  • Be Human by leadernim.
    Rating: PG-13
    Summary: Side story to Absolute Chanyeol. Kris will never be human enough.   

  • Marked For Life (2, 3) by lettherebeminho.
    Genre: AU, fantasy, drama, action
    Rating: R
    Summary: The creative war between two rival tattoo artists that Xiumin and Luhan thought they were bringing to an end is only just beginning… and all the faith that they put into one underdog artist will be put to the test.
⇒ Kai/Luhan.
  • speaking in inks by chaltyr.
    Rating: R
    Summary: Lu Han is frankly quite obsessed with Jongin’s tattoo.
  • Ordinary by mayumi_san.
    Rating: R (for implied situations)
  • Freefalling Kisses by dustyfairy.
    Rating: R
    Summary: They purred each others names like a waterfall, both being engulfed in a flame of need and wanton murmurs.

  • kiss it better by chaltyr.
    Rating: NC-17 
    Summary: Lu Han helps Jongin with his ear piercings because Jongin is an idiot.
    Warning: mild!pain kink. 

  • 'Cause you're such a pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty face by thoughtsofgray.
    Rating: R
    Summary: Jongin obsession with porcelain dolls does not serve him any good, especially when he picks up one from the dumpster and takes it home with him. He supposes the movie, Chucky isn’t as unreal as it seems.

  • In the eye of the storm we keep each other warm by kanintallrik.
    Rating: R
    Summary: Kai’s eyes linger for a moment when they sail over Luhan’s face. It’s something he allows them to do – it’s a calculated move; he observes.
  • and miles to go (before i sleep) by leadernim.
    Rating: R (suicidal themes, attempted suicide and graphic imagery)
    Summary: Jongin stands on the edge of the building, about to give into his dark desires, when he is saved by the reappearance of his childhood “imaginary” friend, Lu Han.

⇒ Chanyeol/Baekhyun.
  • Casualties, and How We Benefit by hotarumyst.
    Rating: PG-13
    Summary: Their relationship rebuilds itself in stages, much like a full-scale pandemic.
  • sleepless long nights by kiwi-ism.
    Genre: Dark/Horror
    Rating: R
    Warning: violence/murder
    Summary: all Chanyeol wants is to be able to sleep again and “they” always know best.
  • I’m Yours by leadernim.
    Rating: PG-13
    Summary: Chanyeol is weird. Baekhyun is disinterested. Jongin is the thing of the devil. Kris is a creature from an evil dimension. College AU. (Sequel)
  • untouchable by kiwi-ism.
    Genre: Romance/Supernatural
    Rating: PG
    Summary: Chanyeol is convinced that a relationship will never work for him, but Baekhyun insists.

  • Balloons (slight Sehun/Lu Han, one sided Kai/Taemin and Suho/Kai) by hazellicious.
    Rating: NC-17
    Genre(s): AU, Fluff, Romance, Smut, OOC
    Summary: Babysitting a seven-year-old in an amusement park can be quite fun when there’s this nosy guy with balloons and a too wide smile.   

  • Absolute Chanyeol by leadernim.
    Rating: PG-13
    Summary: Chanyeol isn’t the perfect robot but that’s okay with Baekhyun because he is anything but the perfect human. Loosely inspired by “Absolute Boyfriend” by Watase Yuu.  

  • Let It Rain ((one-sided) Baekhyun/Chanyeol, Kris/Chanyeol) by jessiki.
    Rating: G
    Summary: Thank God it rained, because now Chanyeol would never have to know. 

  • sunday morning by repackagedx.
    Rating: PG-13
    Summary: Baekhyun tastes like nothing at all and then something like bad morning breath. 

  • In the Days Ahead by windlost.
    Rating: R
    Summary: They are involved in this weird thing called a domestic relationship. Chanyeol has impeccable timing and Baekhyun disagrees.

  • firestorms, and the rate of consumption by canttakeabreath.
    Rating: NC-17
    Summary: “Yo,” the idiot says, infuriatingly calmly, “how would you like me to offer you a job?”

  • Exit Strategies (2, 3, 4) (brief Kai/Baekhyun) by officiallykris.
    Rating: NC-17
    Warnings: Breathplay.
    Summary: When Baekhyun is eleven years old, he almost drowns in a public pool. Years later, he’s still carrying around the memory of what it felt like when his lungs filled with water and the world around him faded away.

  • a former “most love only lasts for a while” by feixing.
    Rating: PG-13
    Summary: in which Chanyeol smiles too much, Baekhyun is a little bit of a cynic but they fall together anyway.

  • instincts by kiwi-ism.
    Genre: supernatural/romance
    Rating: R
    Summary: baekhyun begins to have doubts over whether or not this is really going to work.

  • control by kiwi-ism.
    Rating: NC-17
    Summary: related to instincts. chanyeol’s first time and his struggle to understand why he so desperately needs to control.

  • [depend on me] to surrender by officiallykris.
    Rating: NC-17
    Warnings: Explicit sexual content, Breathplay, Language
    Summary: In which falling in love is only as simple as giving in to the things that frighten us about ourselves.
    A/N: side story to Exit Strategies. From Chanyeol’s POV.

  • the sublimation of a glow (mild Suho/D.O) by portaldice.
    Rating: PG-13.
    Summary: Baekhyun has a one-sided rivalry with Chanyeol which begins with light, and then disappears with it.
    Warning: Terminal illness.

  • you and i, learning to speak by knotweed.
    Rating: PG-13
    Summary: Chanyeol leaves the country to find himself, Baekhyun doesn’t know how much he needs Chanyeol until he does, and none of his friends give him good advice. AU, established relationship.
  • beautiful by kiwi-ism.   
    Genre: romance
    Rating: PG-13
    Summary: Baekhyun starves himself in order to obtain an unobtainable sense of beauty and chanyeol is there to pull him back down to earth.

  • The Secret Smile by coley_merrin.
    Rating: NC-17
    Warnings: rape, mentions of rape, sexual situations
    Summary: Chanyeol’s power is too great, and only Baekhyun can calm it. 
  • Like Gravity by baekhyunnie.
    Rating: PG-13
    Summary: It’s a tug of war between love and hate, although half the time they pretty much end up cuddled by each other’s sides muttering series of insults and sweet nothings. (high school AU)
⇒ Luhan/Sehun.
  • Sugar we’re goin’ down swinging by canttakeabreath.
    Rating: NC-17
    Summary: Sehun sells flowers and Lu Han reads way too much manga.

  • teacher’s pet (& various others pairings) by kiwi-ism.
    Genre: humor/supernatural
    Rating: PG-13
    Summary: luhan really loves being a teacher and he thinks it’s his job to help his students succeed. sehun just has a totally wrong impression of what that means. 

  • cooking, cooking by shesimplysmiles.
    Rating: NC-17
    Summary: The evolution of Chef Sehun. In which Lu Han has to deal with moody chefs, no one can catch a break in the kitchen or out, and EXO is a four star restaurant.   

  • alphabet by sphexed.
    Rating: ranging from PG-13 to light R.
    Summary: Twenty-six episodes, twenty-six moments in the intersected lives of SeHun and LuHan, defined by words, in turn defined by moments, all in alphabetical order.

  • Hit the Ground Running (2) (Sehun/Krystal mentioned) by shesimplysmiles.
    Rating: NC-17
    Summary: In which there is a road trip, no one can figure out how to start a fire, and Lu Han’s life is really hard.
    Warnings: internalized homophobia, brief scene containing homophobic and racist language. The sheer amount of sap and fluff in this also warrants a warning.

⇒ Tao/Luhan.
⇒ Tao/Xiumin.
  • Touch by animuia.
    Rating: PG-13
    Summary: Every teenager will go through some hormonal changes, but it is not normal when you have recurring wet dreams about your friend. Your very male friend.

⇒ Baekhyun/Tao.
  • 以后 by deasyellow.
    Rating: PG-13
⇒ Baekhyun/D.O.
  • the most beautiful by thundersquall.
    Rating: NC-17
    Summary: Sex. Nothing but sex. Pure PWP.
    Warning: Rimming

⇒ D.O/Kai.
  • Make Me Submissive by kayevelyn.
    Rating: NC-17
    Warnings: BDSM, Spanking, Gagging, Rimming etc etc
    Summary: Kyungsoo knew he was weird.

  • arbitrage by fumerie.
    Rating: NC-17
    Summary: [street race AU] There are three tracks to Do Kyungsoo’s life. Track A, trader at an investment bank. Track B, new recruit of a race crew called EXO. Track C… track C involves someone named Kai and a whole lot of bad decisions.

  • no sins as long as there’s permission by leadernim.
    Rating: PG-13
    Summary: Kyungsoo is soft wide eyes, a trembling full mouth, plush thighs and a pert behind Jongin kneads in his hands as he swipes his tongue, slowly, almost painfully, into Kyungsoo’s mouth

  • you’re like a very far shooting star by feixing.
    Rating: PG
    Summary: Jongin is not one for romance, but he really wants Kyungsoo to notice him.

  • Speak Slow by taozi.
    Rating: NC-17.
    Summary: Kyungsoo glances up to find Jongin looking down at him through his eyelashes, a smile curving up one side of his mouth. It’s unfair, really, how attractive he always is right when he has to leave.

  • Free Fall With Me by loudestoflove.
    Rating: PG
    Summary: The way that Kyungsoo looks at him always makes Jongin’s stomach lurch.

  • So We Meet Again (and Other Clichéd Phrases) by hotarumyst.
    Rating: R
    Summary: This is not a romance, by definition. This is Kim Jongin, both too famous and too dense to write his own memoir. This is Kim Jongin, stumbling awkwardly back into love.
  • like a disney movieby kiwi-ism.
    Rating: PG-13 
    Summary: kyungsoo falls sick and loses his voice one day at work so baekhyun and luhan play a practical joke on him that ends with more benefits than consequences.

⇒ Suho/Kai.
  • golden boy by lovestrucksmile.
    Rating: NC-17
    Summary: golden boy kim jongin always pleases his camp counselors.

  • fawned by percaline.
    Rating: PG-13
    Summary: jongin thinks and worries too much about joonmyun. 

  • orphan by kiwi-ism.
    Genre: romance/supernatural
    Rating: PG
    Summary: suho’s found one brat of an orphan, but he still can’t help but like him and he grows to be just a little more kind.

  • what it meant to me by thatdayismine.
    Rating: NC-17.
    Summary: junmeyon still doesn’t move, just shifts slightly so that jongin feels like the entire right side of his body is touching junmyeon and he loves this.
  • Someday by coley_merrin.
    Rating: R
    Summary: Tsundere Kai with in-love Suho. Suho trying to leave Kai alone and seeing other people. Kai realising he must overcome his feelings.

⇒ Kai/Sehun.
  • places that i could hide (Implied Tao/Chen) by black_goose.
    Rating: NC-17
    Summary: “I don’t believe you,” Sehun says, giving Jongdae a suspicious look. “I think you’re having me on, there’s no way that could be a real thing.”
    Warnings: um. rimming. 

  • Overlapping Worlds by seisdemayo.
    They live in the same house, in the same space, at the same time. In the same world, but not really.

  • thursday by myunsoo.
    Rating: NC-17
    Summary: there’s no promise of tomorrow.
  • my little ribs around you by zitaos.
    Rating: NC-17
    Summary: That i might see with my chest and sink into the edges round you

  • Safe (Lost Memory)by seisdemayo.
    Rating: R
    Summary: He always carries a gun. He probably carries a code. He has never wanted to protect a man all his life. Until he is lost. Who is he protecting? And who is he protecting him from?
⇒ Lay/Luhan.
  • a perfect day for thunder by emberberry.
    Rating: R
    Summary: It takes Luhan forever to get out of bed that morning. Every day, it gets a little worse. 

⇒ Kris/Chanyeol.
  • angel of mine by kiwi-ism.
    Rating: PG
    Summary: chanyeol can’t control his power and is convinced that kris is secretly an angel.

  • in which chanyeol is not as straight as he thinks he is by leadernim.
    Rating: PG-13
    Summary: ”I DON’T LIKE DICK!” is what Chanyeol screams on that particular rainy Saturday.

  • Puzzle Pieces by leadernim.  
    Rating: R
    Summary: AU. Chanyeol is a supermarket cashier when Wu Fan walks into his station with wasabi peanuts and walks out with his heart.
⇒ Suho/Lay.
  • not a cat and mouse game by joonxing.
    Rating: R (for violence, abuse, mild blood)
    Summary: If it’s you and me, walking down this road together, heaven is whenever, wherever. That’s what we promised.
⇒ Kai/Tao.
⇒ Suho/Kris.
  • Worth by baekhyunnie.
    Summary: Nobody appreciates Joonmyun’s worth except for Wu Fan.
⇒ Kris/Lay.
  • Placebo Effect  (Xiumin/Lu Han) by miss_aztec57.
    Genre: Blade Runner!AU, Sci-Fi, Angst, Romance
    Rating: PG-13
    Summary: In a dystopic future, the line between human and replicant is drawn solely by the experience of emotion. Except, that is, if you know the right place to look. Wu Fan is a replicant hiding from the law, blending in to humanity by taking pills which stimulate emotion. And then he meets Yixing.

  • Asleep Without Your Message by loudestoflove.
    Rating: R
    Summary: Yixing is content to float by, until he meets a certain photographer. Wu Fan is a little creepy. Yixing doesn’t mind. AU.  
⇒ Kris/Chen.
⇒ OT3.
  • Orange Light (Tao/Kris/Luhan mentions of Lay/Tao and Sehun/Luhan) by jarield.
    Rating: NC-17
    Genre: Smut, Angst, Romance
    Summary: Zitao was in love with Yixing, and Luhan was in love with Sehun. Then why were they lying in the bed naked with Wufan? And why was Wufan placing one kiss to Zitao, and another kiss to Luhan, back & forth?

  • In My Defense (Kai/Lu Han/Sehun, Tao/Lay) by chiharu.
    Rating: PG
    Summary: Kai and Lu Han are undercover strippersagents dancing fighting for the peace of the world and Tao is their arch enemy with his sekusshi wushu skills. Now if only their entire team can make it out of the building alive.

  • kicked to the curb (Suho/D.O/Kai) by kiwi-ism.
    Genre: romance/supernatural
    Rating: PG-13 
    Summary: sometimes suho and kai wonder if kyungsoo really loves them.

  • post blue (Kai/Sehun/Luhan) by fumerie.
    Rating: NC-17
    Summary: [model!AU] in which Kai, Sehun, and Lu Han are models, and they fall in love somewhere between airport codes and runway backstage (or not).
  • Let’s Get a Little Fucked Up (Main Kai/D.O/Suho; brief Kai/Luhan, Suho/Luhan, Kai/Kris) by leadernim.
    Rating: NC-17
    Summary: A collection of moments in the lives of three people who love others more than they love themselves.

  • first time (Suho/D.O/Kai) by kiwi-ism.
    Rating: NC-17
    Summary: Basically pwp. it’s kyungsoo’s first time with another person.
    Note: this is the bedroom scene from kicked to the curb.

  • the bright side (Kai/D.O; Suho/D.O; Suho/D.O/Kai) by kiwi-ism.
    Rating: R
    Summary: jongin doesn’t know what it means to be normal and he doesn’t think he ever will.

  • a truce (Kris/Tao/Lay) by kiwi-ism.
    Genre: supernatural/friendship
    Rating: PG-13
    Summary: when kris thinks that he’s being unfair to tao and yixing he figures it’s best to just let them both go, so the two take it upon themselves to prove that they can make this relationship work. somehow.
  • wicked games (Sehun/Tao, Kai/Sehun, Kai/Tao) by zitaos.
    Rating: NC-17
    Summary: i’ll give you all of me even though you don’t love me (yet)
⇒ Other.
  • (all i wanna see you in is just) skin (Kai/Everyone) by fumerie.
    Rating: NC-17 
    Warnings: kind of dubcon at one point, drugs sex and alcohol etc.
    Summary: [hooker!AU] Everyone bangs Kai. At one point or other. No really.
  • Zodiac (on-going) by black_goose and umberela.
    Pairing: Baekhyun/Chanyeol, Sehun/Luhan, Tao/Kris, Kai/D.O
    Rating: PG-13
    Summary: “The Oracle has seen the twelve united. War is coming to the Nations. We must prepare for battle.”
  • Oneirataxia (Kris/Chanyeol; Baekhyun/Chanyeol) by leadernim.
    Rating: PG-13
    Summary: It is raining when Chanyeol wakes up in a dream.
  • the healer (Kris/Lay & broken!Kris/Chanyeol) by kiwi-ism.
    Genre: supernatural/hurt
    Rating: R
    Summary: chanyeol doesn’t like yixing but he eventually learns to get along.
  • Something, Anything, Everything (2, 3) (Tao/Chanyeol; Chanyeol/Kris; Tao/Kris; Baekhyun/Chanyeol) by htiitlstdct.
    Rating: NC-17/R
    Summary: Chanyeol searches for concrete feelings in an ongoing haze [au]
  • we are young (let’s set the world on fire) (Kai/Tao; Sehun/Tao) by feixing.
    Rating: NC-17
    Summary: things change, because things always do. Heraclitus said: “Nothing endures but change.” Change is a constant, a given, and change is even a necessity.
  • The Art of Differentiation (Kai/D.O, Baekhyun/Kai, Sehun/Luhan, Baekhyun/Chanyeol) by paradisist.
    Rating: PG
    Summary: He doesn’t know who he is anymore, whether he’s the boy in the mirror or the boy staring at the mirror.
  • Placebo Effect(Kris/Lay, Xiumin/Lu Han) by miss_aztec57.
    Genre: Blade Runner!AU, Sci-Fi, Angst, Romance
    Rating: PG-13
    Summary: In a dystopic future, the line between human and replicant is drawn solely by the experience of emotion. Except, that is, if you know the right place to look. Wu Fan is a replicant hiding from the law, blending in to humanity by taking pills which stimulate emotion. And then he meets Yixing.
  • acceptance (Tao/Xiumin & Kai/Sehun) by kiwi-ism.
    Genre: romance/supernatural
    Rating: R
    Summary: the theory was if they let them go, eventually they’d come back. it doesn’t really work like that though.

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