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Don’t leave me alone in this world.

If anyone need the ENGLISH SUBBED Video that I ever posted here on my Tumblr but the video is blocked or deleted, you can always leave me a message and I’ll personally send you the video through email. Or if you are in search for old videos or something you can ask ^ ^ Here list of the videos I have.

List of The Video :

- Variety Show :

  1. EXO First Box Disc 1,2,3,4
  2. EXO on Weekly IDOL (All episodes)
  3. INFINITE on Weekly Idol (All episodes)
  4. BAP on Weekly Idol (All Episodes)
  5. EXO Showtime (Complete)
  6. INFINITE Ranking King (Complete)
  7. EXO on Happy Camp (All Episodes)
  8. EXO on Various Radio shows (I can’t mention all TT__TT)
  9. This is INFINITE (complete)
  10. Teen Top on Weekly Idol (All Episodes)
  11. Law of The Jungle (Chanyeol) All Episodes
  12. Teen Top on Guam Ep. 1 (on going)
  13. B1A4 on Weekly Idol (All Episodes)
  14. Infinite Challenge with EXO
  15. BAP Live on Earth Seoul DVD 
  16. Law of The Jungle (Sungyeol) All Episodes
  17. Runningman (All Episodes) — Well for this one I’ll just give you the link because one Runningman Episodes is approximately around 500MB so it’s better and faster if I send the link instead.
  18. SHINee One FIne Day (The Documentary where they are going to several countries separately)
  19. APink Diary
  20. APink News Season 3 (Complete)
  21. APink on Weekly Idol (all episodes)
  22. INFINITE Second Invasion DVD Concert
  23. INFINITE and Apink Birth of Family (complete)
  24. CNBLUE on Weekly Idol (all episodes)
  25. BEAST on Weekly Idol (all episodes)
  26. EXO on Beatles Code (all episodes)
  27. SHINee on Weekly Idol (all episodes)
  28. SHINee on Beatles Code (all episodes)
  29. INFINITE on Beatles Code (all episodes)
  30. SMTOWN IAM Documentary
  31. Other Videos I can’t mention all, just ask me if your desired video is not on the list.

- Old Videos of :

  1. Super Junior
  2. SHINee
  3. 2PM
  4. Mblaq
  5. Beast
  6. Boyfriend
  7. BAP
  9. EXO
  10. ETC. ^^

Just ask ask ask~ Leave me message!

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inspired by x

Welcome back, Jaime

the members stopping time for sehun

so I decided to be happy, for myself.